No one gets very far in life – certainly not in racing – without the help, support and encouragement of a great many people. I want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to a growing list of people who have helped me and my family as I have focused on my dreams and life goals.

My goal and determination has always been to become a professional in motorsports. I started karting at an early age and have a true passion for all forms of motorsports. I have been very fortunate and blessed over the years with the support of my parents and grandparents to have the privilege of meeting the most incredible people in racing who are now my good friends. Racing has given me a life and allowed me to set goals that have already been life changing not only for me but someday my own family.

I started in karting right before my 5th birthday and competed for over 11 years. I had the good fortune of meeting some incredible people like Tommy and Ken Muth of Texas Karts, Mike Jones and Kevin Adds at Dallas Karting Complex, Rodney and Brett Berryhill of Champion Racing, Richard Boisclair of MaxSpeed Group, Eric Chase and Yonny Pena at Chase Racing, Helio Roderigues and Nelson Piquet Jr at Piquet Sports and Mike Maurini and Martijn Koene at Koene USA. I also would not have had my karting success without the greatest tuner and driving coach in the world Victor Pedrosa.

In 2015, my last full time season of karting, I was fortunate enough to win my second major international karting Championship along with Victor. I was also privileged to do my first European race in Portimao Portugal. In spite of so many things being different from what I was used to in North America I was able to win the race because of the help of an awesome team owned by Peter Kalman of KMS Hungary. Peter also paired me with the most incredible tuner at KMS - Gaga. I cannot thank them both enough.

My transition from karts to Formula race cars began with the Mazda Road To Indy test in the fall of 2015 because of an opportunity from Richard Boisclair of Maxspeed Group. This test would not have been as successful as it was without the guys at Afterburner Autosport – Tim, Brian and Stephan. In 2016 I made the full commitment to Formula cars choosing to run two series in F1600 in Canada. I won 12 of 17 races and set 4 major track records including at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix. There is no way I could have achieved this success without a great team owned by Michael Duncalfe at Exclusive Autosport. Michael, his wife Kimberly, Conner, Alex and Christophe were the ones that worked so hard to help me win two Championships as a rookie.

In 2017 I was on my way to the Mazda Road To Indy USF2000 ladder. After much discussions with teams the budget simply was not affordable and possibly not the best career path. After much thought and discussions with many in the industry I concluded Sports Car racing offered better long term career opportunities to achieve my life goals so I changed my focus. I was approached by Jeremy Dale of JDX Racing to run for his newly crowned championship formula team in US-F4. I discussed with him that the open wheel ladder was no longer my direction. Jeremy asked me my plans and I told him I was going to focus on Sports Cars. He then asked if I wanted to race in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge series? The rest is history and this began my Sports Car career and why I am here today. In 2017 I ended my first year in sports cars and rookie season in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Championship in third place. After several wins throughout the season the team could not have ended in better fashion by winning the final race of the year at Petit Lemans! I returned with JDX in 2018 and with hard work and determination by all we won the Championship at age 18 having just graduated from high school. Words cannot express enough my gratitude to JDX Racing - Jeremy, Joanne, Harrison, Luke, Larry, Kevin, Brad, Rick, Chef Dave, Ryan, Vince and Nate! I also want to thank my incredible teammate Mark Kvamme for supporting and mentoring me. My family and I would also like to give thanks to those at Porsche Motorsports North America who welcomed me into their family, including Jens Walther, Dr. Daniel Armbruster, Randy Hembrey, Jeremy Sundt and Kyle Novak. I also want to thank Chikara “Cheech” Yamauchi at Yokohama for how much I appreciate his encouragement and support.

Mark and Megan Kvamme - I met Mark and Meg back in 2017 at the age of 17 when our paths crossed as teammates at JDX. Both of them soon became my surrogate parents away from my home in San Antonio and my life mentors. If it was not for their support I would not have the career I have today in 2023. Not only do they support me in racing but most importantly they support me mentally and by helping me to grow as an individual in life. They are truly my surrogate parents. I will forever be grateful for their love and support.

So heading in 2023 I have a new team supporting me at MDK Motorsports. Will Bamber and Sarah Serle have quickly become my tough love brother and sister. Owen Hayes is the most incredible race engineer and who has taught me so much at this next level of racing. The person who looks after my safety and my car is Eric Hampton Without Eric's meticulous support I could not have the success I have had running Porsche Carrera Cup in 2022. I have the most incredible teammates working so hard for me at MDK including Buck, Dillon, Mikey, Ryan, Johnathan, Dutch, Cody, Kyle, Liam, Emily, Val, Greg, Kristen, Rich, Big Rich and Eric Fabre our photographer. So many to Thank! I appreciate them all for the help they play in my career.

Thank you all again for all the support and love which I truly feel blessed to have. See you back at the track soon!