I was born in San Antonio Texas on November 24, 1999. I started to show an interest in all things mechanical since an early age. My interest in driving started when I was around 2 years old. My sister Samantha had a pink Power Wheels Barbie Jeep. I loved to drive it on our concrete pebbled driveway and sidewalks. The jeep had these very hard plastic wheels with no traction. When you lifted off the gas pedal the brake engaged and the rear axle would lock up and you could slide it. I soon learned to drive it off our very wide driveway onto the narrow sidewalk by going as fast as I could down the slope of the driveway lifting locking up the axle and then sliding the Jeep sideways turning onto the sidewalk. I then figured out that if I got on the gas early through the slide I could optimize my speed onto the sidewalk. I soon learned to control this everywhere until I worn holes in the rear tires. The jeep was then left to rot in our backyard. It was a sad day when my Dad gave it to Goodwill.

My Dad Brian grew up riding dirt bikes in Texas since an early age. After receiving his drivers license at age 16 he would drive everywhere with his friends. They soon came across a concrete quarter mile 6 turn kart track in a small German town outside San Antonio named New Braunfels. The track is called Hill Country Kart Club or HCKC. Being Motocrossers they loved what they saw but none could afford. As life went on for my Dad graduating from high school and then on to college and then a working stiff he eventually met my Mom Debra. They dated for years and then got married and started a family. My sister Samantha was born in May of 1995 and she was such a difficult birth for my Mom she said "I will never go through this again". My Dad saw what she went through and totally supported her although they always wanted two kids. Well three years later my Mom had this urge to have another child and so I was born in 1999.

As I was growing up my Dad always had high performance muscle cars. I had a Simpson Racing child safety seat that he would mount it in his Gen I Dodge Viper or 1969 Big Block Camaro or '69 427 Corvette convertible or whatever else he had at the time. When I was four years old he was out driving one day and came across that old kart track. He took me out there to watch a club race under the lights on a Saturday night and we saw kids and adults racing. He asked me if I wanted to do that and I told him "yes". He went out and did his research and met Tommy and Ken Muth who owned the local kart shop Texas Karts. Well that turned into a life changing friendship. Tommy got me my first kid kart and I started to drive before my 5th birthday. Tommy mentored me in the sport and my Dad learned to wrench and tune karts and we did our first race just after my 5th birthday in 2004 and as they say the rest is history!